• Need A Doctor But It's Not An Emergency? When An Urgent Care Center Is What You Need

     If you've got a medical condition that requires attention, but you don't have time to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician, it's time to find an urgent care center near you. One of the benefits of choosing an urgent care center is that you can always find one open when you need it the most. Not sure what medical conditions require an urgent care center? Here are just four situations that will benefit from urgent care.

  • Do's And Don'ts When You Have Osteoporosis

    Although nobody wants to get a bone disease like osteoporosis, the truth is that it is millions of people around the world are diagnosed with it each year. Around 54 million Americans are known to have osteoporosis. It happens when your body makes too little bone or loses too much bone. Sometimes it results from a combination of both. Since the bones subsequently are weakened, you are more susceptible to bone breakage and other health problems.

  • Has A Heroin-Addicted Loved One Finally Agreed To Get Help? Two Factors You Should Consider When Selecting A Treatment Center

    If you have a family member or friend who is addicted to heroin, you may dream of the day that they come to you asking for help. If that day comes, you want to be ready to help them get into treatment as quickly as possible, before they have the time to get cold feet or feel the urge to use again. There are many factors you need to consider when selecting a heroin addiction treatment facility, including the location of the facility, the price of the facility, and whether it is inpatient or outpatient.

  • Worried You May Get Cancer One Day? 2 Simple Lifestyle Changes Recently Proven To Prevent Cancer

    If someone close to you developed cancer and it left you worried you may get it some day, or if cancer runs in your family, then you may wish you could do more to prevent it. After all, cancer can strike even the healthiest person practically out-of-the-blue, and medical researchers have been trying to find ways to prevent cancer for years but still haven't found a cancer prevention "silver bullet." However, they have found a lot of small ways people can help prevent certain types of cancer, such as drinking four cups of coffee each day to lower liver cancer risk.

  • How Fruit Flies Can Lead To Potential Cancer Treatments

    In the past, people who had the same type of cancer tended to get the same cancer treatment. However, results varied, and some people got better results from the treatment than others. This led researchers to try to verify just why this happens and come up with potential strategies for personalized cancer treatments. Fruit flies are one of the key components in this type of research because they have a very short life cycle and can be bred to have the same genetic mutations as a particular cancer patient, making it possible to research personalized treatment options.