• What To Do When Your Teenage Daughter Ask You For Birth Control

    Parents want to keep the conversation open about sex and relationships with their children. It can make you feel uncomfortable when your teenage daughter tells you she is ready to experiment with sex. You would really prefer for your daughter to wait for marriage, but you cannot control her behavior. However, you should express your thoughts and educate your daughter on the consequences of being sexually active. Read on to find out what to do when your teenage daughter asks you for birth control.

  • Be Prepared For These Things When You Want A Sick Note From Your Family Doctor

    Many employers require that their employees provide sick notes in the event of taking one or more sick days, which is an effective way to separate those who are legitimately ill from those who are simply looking for a day off. If you've been ill and need to supply a sick note upon your return, you'll want to set up a visit with your family doctor. Generally, urgent care clinics and hospital emergency rooms do not supply people with sick notes.

  • How to Accept Loved One's Parkinson's Diagnosis & Provide Them with Care & Support

    If your loved one has had difficulties in maintaining his balance in recent months and has dealt with slightly shaky hands resulting in him being diagnosed with the early stages of Parkinson's disease, you may feel worried about your loved one's condition and the quality of his life deteriorating. The tips below will help you come to terms with your loved one's diagnosis and will help you provide him with the care that he needs to maintain his livelihood.

  • Be Careful With Your Asthmatic Child In These Environments

    Any parent of an asthmatic child knows an asthma attack can be highly upsetting for the child and for those around him or her. While these attacks can take place with little warning, the child's quick ability to use his or her inhaler can keep the symptoms of the attack under control. It's useful to educate your child that certain environments or situations can increase the risk of having an attack, and you may also wish to schedule an appointment with the child's pediatrician, so he or she can relay this message, too.

  • A Scoop On Poop: How Having A Healthy Gut Could Actually Earn You Big Bucks

    Do you believe that you have a pretty healthy gut? Do you expel what you perceive as "normal" stools when you sit on your ceramic throne? Then you could be a candidate to become a fecal donor transplant. And the pay for donating your poop? Well, it isn't crappy. When Is a Fecal Transplant Required? A human's gut contains both "good" and "bad" bacteria. On occasion, especially after the use of antibiotics, the good bacteria in a person's gut can get killed off in such numbers that they are left with only the so-called bad bacteria, known as Clostridium difficile.