• Walker Guide: Understand The Option So You Can Find Your Best Mobility Aid

    Staying mobile is the key to maintaining much of your independence. Whether you need a little bit of help keeping your balance or if aging joints require additional support, a walker can be the key to getting around comfortable and safely. There are several different walker styles to choose from but there is no "best" style for all purposes. You may even find that the best walker for getting around your home and the best walker for running errands are different.

  • Don't Let Chlamydia Myths Put You At A Greater Risk

    An integral part of being sexually active is being sexually smart. This doesn't just include practicing safe sex techniques, but this also includes being educated on the different threats sexually transmitted infections pose. A lack of information or misinformation can lead to an increased risk of contracting an infection or getting the incorrect form of treatment, particularly when it comes to chlamydia. Symptoms Are Overt Many people think sexually transmitted infections come with overt symptoms like discharge or painful urination.

  • How Should You Treat Minor Back Pain Before it Becomes A Major Problem?

    If you're like many Americans, the aging process has caused you to occasionally notice some twinges and aches in your back, particularly following a long drive or a hard day of work. However, if you find yourself experiencing these aches and pains more often than not, you may need to take action quickly to prevent your occasional or mild back pain from escalating into a more serious (and harder to treat) issue.

  • Military Hearing Loss? An Audiologist Can Help

    It can be hard to gauge your hearing loss after the military. If you've worked in an area with regular hearing loss threats, you and your fellow service-members are likely to have the same level of hearing loss, and it's hard to tell if differences in hearing are temporary. Don't leave the issue to chance; take the time to work with an audiologist and Veterans Affairs officials to figure out if you have hearing issues, how to get compensation and how to make the problem less severe.

  • Understanding The Benefits Of Manual Therapy Techniques

    Technology has improved mechanical physical therapy modalities a lot. But despite all the machines that can help you, there's still no real substitute for manual therapy techniques. These techniques are always attended and involve targeted exercises and means of stimulation that require a physical therapist, not just a device. Getting Hands On with Your Physical Therapy Manual therapy techniques involve a literal hands-on approach to physical therapy.  There are various manual therapy techniques, but all of them exist to help restore your mobility.