• Visit Your Local Podiatrist For Help With These Foot Issues

    Health issues that result in pain or irritation in one or both of your feet can compromise your mobility and even diminish your quality of life. While many people turn to pain medication to relieve their discomfort, others are hesitant to take this approach because of the concerning side effects of many types of drugs. Whether you've been suffering from foot pain for a long time or you've recently noticed something that is bothering you, help can come in the form of an appointment with your local podiatrist.

  • Three Indicators That It's Time To Visit Your Optometrist Right Away

    It's a smart practice to schedule annual checkups with your optometrist. Doing so can not only help to catch small changes in your vision that could precipitate the need for new glasses, but may also show signs of any health issues you might have but of which you're unaware. Just as you don't need to wait for your annual medical checkup with your family doctor if you develop troubling symptoms, it's important to visit your optometrist well in advance of your yearly appointment if you've noticed vision-related issues.

  • How to Prepare Your Home for Recovery From Hip Surgery

    When you leave the hospital after hip replacement surgery, you'll have a long road of recovery ahead. Your mobility will improve over a period of several weeks, but at first, you'll probably have difficulty walking, stooping, and standing for very long. To make your home recovery as smooth as possible, it's a good idea to prepare in advance so you come home from the hospital to a setting that is suitable for your limited mobility.

  • What's Next After You're Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

    Prostate cancer grows slowly, and you may have it for several years without experiencing any symptoms. Treatment of this cancer depends on how long you've had it and how advanced it is. Here are some of the typical treatment approaches your doctor may recommend once the extent of your cancer has been determined. Active Surveillance If the cancer screening caught the tumor at an early stage, where it is small and you have no symptoms, your doctor may suggest regular monitoring but no other treatment.

  • Winter Injuries And You: When To Go To Urgent Care

    As winter swiftly approaches and descends upon you and your town, you may find yourself faced with all of the wonders and the potential dangers that winter has to offer. While it is most people's first instinct to shake off any winter injuries and continue going about their day as if nothing happened, there are some scenarios in which a person should head to an urgent care center to get treatment or at the very least, to get checked out.