When A Cold Is More Than Just A Cold

by Brent Woods

Colds can occur throughout the entire year, no matter if it's winter or summer. A cold usually involves a runny nose, a cough, congestion, and possibly a mild fever, but it may be more than just a cold. If you aren't sure whether you have a cold or something worse, read on for helpful information to help you know when it's time to get to urgent care for help.

Running A Fever

A fever and chills may indicate something more than just a cold, although you may experience these symptoms with a cold as well. If the fever persists over the course of a few days and isn't getting better with over-the-counter pain relievers, it may be more than a cold. A high fever should be treated to prevent other medical issues. If you have a fever, go to urgent care for medical attention.

Feeling Off

You could feel off if you are ill. You may not be feeling like yourself. If you are feeling like you have a fog in your head, you can't concentrate, and you're off balance, it may be something more than a cold. You could have a sinus infection or ear infection. If you aren't feeling like yourself and are having a difficult time doing your daily tasks even after attempting to rest, get to urgent care for a thorough checkup and exam.

Green Or Thick Mucus

Clear mucus usually means you have a cold and are just experiencing some nasal drip. If you have thick or green mucus, it could actually indicate an upper respiratory infection or even the flu. Getting tested by a medical professional is the only way to tell. A swab of your mucus is usually how it is tested. If you have the flu or an upper respiratory infection, it is usually treated by antibiotics. Get to urgent care for testing and treatment.

Throwing Up

Colds don't usually end up with you throwing up. If you have a lot of extra mucus, it could cause you to vomit, but that is unusual. If you have vomiting or even diarrhea along with other health problems, get to urgent care for treatment. You could end up dehydrated if you aren't careful. Dehydration could then land you in the hospital—get treatment before this occurs and remember to drink plenty of water if you can.

If you aren't sure if you just have a cold or if it's something worse, use the information above to help you. If you still aren't sure and you just aren't feeling well, get to an urgent care like the West Ocean City Injury & Illness Center for treatment.