Best Practices For Treating Your Chigger Bite

by Brent Woods

Chigger bites can be an extremely unpleasant problem to experience. However, this can be a very common type of insect bite, and you may benefit from knowing the best options for treating it.

Limit The Potential For Swelling

As with other types of insect bites, it can be possible for chigger bites to swell. This can substantially increase the discomfort that a person will experience, and it may even help to extend the amount of time that they will need to recover. In order to avoid these issues, you may want to apply a cold compress to the bite site and take an over-the-counter antihistamine. These two steps can drastically reduce the amount of swelling that occurs.

Scratching The Chigger Bites Can Increase The Risk Of Infection Or Other Complications

Unfortunately, a major hallmark of chigger bites can be an intense itching sensation. While you will feel the compulsion to scratch the bites, this should be avoided as much as possible. Scratching the bite marks can lead to the skin potentially breaking and infection developing. To help you resist scratching the site, you may want to apply a gauze bandage over it as this can act as a barrier that will help to stop you from being able to directly scratch it. While this may not seem necessary, the urge to scratch these bites can be intense enough that you may actually do it without even noticing.

Chigger Bite Ointment Can Help To Sooth And Clean The Skin

Another tool that you can use to treat your chigger bites will be the use of insect bite ointments. In particular, the use of OTC chigger bite ointments can be especially useful as they will be specifically designed for these particular injuries. These ointments can help to soothe the skin so that you will feel less of an urge to scratch, and they can also help to cleanse the bite wounds. By regularly using these ointments during your recovery, you can reduce the discomfort that you will have to endure and shorten the total treatment time.

If you have suffered chigger bites, taking prompt action can help to limit your discomfort and recovery time. However, individuals may not fully appreciate the best practices for treating this injury. Yet, making an effort to limit the initial swelling, avoid scratching the bites, and apply chigger bite ointment to the site can substantially improve your recovery while limiting the total amount of discomfort that these bites will cause you.

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