You're Not Sick, But This Is Why You Still Need An Urgent Care Clinic

by Brent Woods

Do urgent care medical clinics provide preventative care? You're not sick right now. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't see a doctor. Take a look at the top reasons for adults to visit for wellness checks or screening-related health care services. 

You Haven't Had A Screening Test for Years—Or Ever 

Preventative medical care includes several different types of screening tests for adults. The specific tests you will need depend on your age, risk level, family history, and lifestyle factors. Basic screening tests that an urgent care services clinic may provide could include checking your blood pressure, respiratory rate, and other similar vital signs. 

The doctor may also ask questions that can help them to recommend additional testing. These could include questions about mental health, sexual health, nutrition, and cancer. In response to your answers, the physician may order specific types of tests or refer you to a specialist for further evaluation.

You Don't Know What Your Blood Pressure Is

Again, blood pressure is one of the preventative screenings that a health care clinic provides. If you don't know what your normal or average blood pressure is or you rarely or never take your blood pressure, now is the time to assess your risk. 

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), blood pressure, also called hypertension, affects almost half of all American adults. But only one in four of these adults has well-controlled blood pressure. If you don't know your blood pressure, the doctor or medical provider can help you to understand if your reading falls into the normal range. 

You Don't Have A Regular Physician

In your younger years, you had a pediatrician. But then you became a young adult, and the days of visiting the brightly-colored cartoon-clad pediatrician's office were behind you.

If you never found a regular primary care physician (PCP), it's time to choose a doctor who can continue your care. But if you're still searching for the perfect PCP, a walk-in clinic can provide you with basic preventative services right now. Instead of waiting months to get a wellness appointment with a new doctor, keep your health care on track with a clinic check-up. 

You Need A Physical—Right Now

Your new job, a sports league, a volunteer organization, or a post-secondary school program requires you to have a physical before you start. Again, it can take months to find a new doctor or get an appointment with a family physician or PCP practice. If you can't wait for a physical, a walk-in clinic can provide you with the exam and fill out the required paperwork immediately. 

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