Essential Nutrients For Aging Dogs

by Brent Woods

Dogs have remained the dearest non-human friends to many people. They offer security, companionship, and assistance. Specifically, dogs have become essential family and societal members in Western cultures. However, just like human beings, dogs undergo life stages until their ultimate demise. During their sunset years, dogs may experience physical and mental limitations because of their advancing age. For example, you may notice that your dogs no longer run as fast as they could a few years ago. Additionally, they may be spending a lot of time resting or sleeping. 

Luckily, advances in veterinary medicine have led to the formulation of anti-aging supplements for dogs. The supplements contain essential nutrients and mineral salts, integral to boosting your dog's condition. Here, we discuss some essential nutrients that should be included in anti-aging supplements for dogs.

Essential Fatty Acids

Like human beings, dogs require essential fatty acids to remain healthy. The fatty acids may be classified into Omega-3 and Omega-6. Unfortunately, dogs cannot manufacture essential fatty acids in their bodies. Thus, they rely on food-based essential fatty acids to meet their nutrient requirements. Ensure that your preferred anti-aging supplement for dogs contains Omega-3 or Omega-6. The essential fatty acids will protect your dogs against hair loss, dermatitis, and flaky skin. Dogs with enough essential fatty acids intake maintain functional nerve systems. Additionally, Omega-3 and Omega-6 will protect your dogs against inflammation, especially in case of injuries.

Recommended Probiotics

Dogs may experience unstable digestive conditions because of high bacterial ingestion or psychological stressors. You may notice increased incidences of diarrhea because of the unbalanced intestinal bacteria. Specifically, aging dogs experience multiple gut issues, leading to frequent diarrhea. Uncontrolled diarrhea may dehydrate your dog, deteriorating its well-being. Thus, always consider purchasing a probiotic-fortified anti-aging supplement for dogs to address your pet's gut issues. The anti-aging supplement for dogs will improve your dog's digestive bacterial balance, keeping your pet healthy.

Recommended Multivitamins

Aging dogs have weakened immune systems, predisposing them to frequent illnesses. The dogs may also become inactive, spending most of their time asleep. Specifically, dogs fed with homemade food may lack the required daily multivitamin intake, weakening their immunity. A good anti-aging supplement for dogs should constitute several vitamins to boost your dog's immunity. Moreover, multivitamins will improve your dogs' feeding, keeping them healthy. Ensure that your dogs have adequate vitamin A, B, C, and K to guarantee effective metabolism and cell function, even in their old age. Keeping your dogs healthy will mitigate frequent trips to the veterinary because of preventable health issues.