Signs A Pair Of Scrubs Is High-Quality

by Brent Woods

Scrubs all look very similar—that is kind of the point. However, there are definitely scrubs that are better made and a higher quality than other scrubs. If you want your scrubs to last, be comfortable to wear, and to not require extensive maintenance or really careful washing, then you need to pay close attention. Here are some signs that a pair of scrubs is high-quality.

Thicker material with some elasticity.

Some scrubs are made from very thin, lightweight material. This might be nice if you're working at the occasional clinic outdoors on a hot, summer day, but for everyday purposes, you want something thicker. High-quality scrubs should feel like they're made from a thicker material. The material should also have some "give" and elasticity when you pull it between your fingers. This way, the scrubs will be less prone to shrinkage in the wash, and they will also feel less restrictive when you wear them because the material will bend and flex with you.

Lots of pockets.

Scrubs with a lot of pockets are preferred for a few reasons. First of all, having pockets on the thighs and larger pockets on the back will give you more places to stash your medical supplies. Second, the fact that a company went through the effort to design their scrubs with extra pockets shows that they are putting the needs of their buyers first, which means the scrubs are probably well-designed in other ways, too.

A thicker drawstring around the waist.

You pull that drawstring tight and tie it every time you put your scrubs on, so it had better be sturdy enough to stand up to this frequent use. Look for a pair of scrubs with a drawstring that is wide and flat, rather than shaped like a shoelace.

Thick thread.

Pay attention to the thread used to sew the scrubs together. It should look plenty thick and durable, and it should be obvious in the seams. Scrubs go through a lot of wear and tear, and the thick thread is less likely to tear and come unraveled. It will also shrink less in the wash, so your scrubs do not get buckled or dimpled.

Take your time, and look for quality when shopping for scrubs. If you find a pair that meets the qualifications above, you can bet it's a good quality pair that is well worth what you pay for it.