3 Things You Shouldn't Do When Having A 3D Mammogram

by Brent Woods

An important part of taking care of your breasts and keeping an eye out for breast cancer is by having mammograms done according to the recommended schedule. No longer do you have to have them done the traditional way, either; instead, if possible, try scheduling an appointment for a 3D mammogram. If you are wondering what you should not do when it's time for your 3D mammogram, consider these things.

1. Go When Your Breasts are Tender

If possible, put some thought into when you schedule your 3D mammogram for. Even though a 3D mammogram is considered by many to be much more comfortable than a traditional mammogram, you may experience some discomfort if you go in for an appointment at a time when your breasts are tender. In the week before or during your menstrual cycle, for example, you may find that it's not the best time for you to have a mammogram done.

2. Wear Deodorant

Another thing that you should not do when you go in for your 3D mammogram is to wear deodorant. It might be second nature to swipe a little deodorant under your arms when you're getting ready in the morning, but your deodorant could actually have an impact on the accuracy of your 3D mammogram. You can always bring it along in your bag or car so that you can apply it as soon as your 3D mammogram is finished if it makes you more comfortable.

3. Forget Your Previous Mammogram Images

If you have had a mammogram done in the past -- whether it was a traditional or 3D mammogram -- don't forget to bring along the images from your last appointment. Your doctor can take a look at them and compare them to the new images to look for any changes or concerns. If you do not have copies of your images, then you can contact the office for the doctor who did your last mammogram; then, you can ask for copies or can have copies sent to your current doctor. If you are seeing the same doctor who did your mammogram last time, he or she should already have these images on file.

When going in for your 3D mammogram, it is important for you to avoid making the mistakes above. Overall, though, you should find that it's a pretty simple test. If you have questions about what to expect and what to do on the day of your appointment, call ahead and ask your doctor for more information. For more information, contact a company such as Hudson Valley Imaging today.