Why Wearing High Heels Is Bad For Your Feet

by Brent Woods

High heels may look great with most of your outfits, but wearing high heels can be causing you all types of foot and ankle issues, not to mention other health problems such as poor posture. Read on for reasons why you should swap those high heels for more sensible shoes. 

Can Cause Bunions

High heels can lead to bunions on the sides of the big toes at the joint (or on the sides of the pinky toes). A bunion is when the bone at the joint protrudes and can cause your toes to push against the other toes. This protrusion can cause you pain whenever you wear heels or other types of footwear and when you walk. The protrusion may need to be surgically removed. The surgery involves the bone being shaved down and can sometimes be painful. 

Can Cause Heel Pain

High heels may cause the achilles tendon to shorten and can lead to heel pain whenever you aren't wearing your heels. You may also feel pain in the calf where the tendon connects in the calf. Other heel pain may also be caused from the lack of support in the heels you are wearing. 

Can Cause Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries may be caused from the lack of balance and support when wearing high heels. You can easily lose your balance on that tiny spiked heel and fall over. You can twist or sprain your ankle, break your ankle or you may just experience pain in the ankle joint.

Can Cause Toe Pain

You may experience pain in the pads of the toes or in the pads of the top portion of the foot from the toes attempt to hold the foot in the heel. It can also lead to blisters or corns on the toes from the toes or pads rubbing on the heel.

Can Cause Arch Pain

You may also have pain in your arches due to the lack of support from high heels. Heels do not have any arch support at all. Your arches may stretch too far and could lead to falling arches. 

What You Should Be Wearing

Rather than wearing high heels, opt for something more sensible while still stylish. You can wear heels that are under 2 inches without causing these foot problems. Be sure to add arch supports or inserts to any shoes that do not offer any support, or look for shoes that have this type of support. Wear shoes that have backs on them to prevent toe pain and to help support the ankle.

Wearing high heels can do a number on you feet and your entire body. The higher the heel, the more pain and problems you may experience. Keep your heels low and wear supportive shoes. Make an appointment with a foot doctor if you are experiencing any problems with your feet or ankles.