Three Things To Discuss With Your Partner When You Decide To Get Breast Augmentation Surgery

by Brent Woods

If you decide to have breast augmentation and are with a long-term significant other, you should be prepared to discuss different aspects of the procedure with your partner. Below are three conversations you should be prepared to have before your surgery. 

Your Reasons for Getting an Augmentation

When you first tell your partner that you plan to have a breast augmentation procedure done, they may react in several different ways. While some partners are supportive immediately, others may question your reasons for undergoing surgery and some may wonder if they have pressured you into your decision. It can be helpful to sit down with your partner and explain why you want to get a breast augmentation.

It is a good idea to do some research before this conversation to explain the benefits of breast augmentation on different areas of your life. While you do not need your partner's permission or support to have the procedure completed, being ready to have a frank discussion with them about your reasons for the procedure can make your announcement easier. 

Your Plan for Recovery

Breast augmentation is considered an invasive surgery, and for the best results it is important you follow your doctor's recovery instructions carefully. While your initial recovery time may only be a few days, it usually takes weeks until the surgery site fully settles and you can return to your previous routine. During this time, you may need your partner to take on some of your usual responsibilities to allow you extra rest.

Additionally, you may need to hold off on sexual contact with your breasts during the recovery period. Even after you are cleared for sexual interaction, you may need to take it slow, allowing you to mentally adjust to the changes in your breasts. Getting your partner on board with your time line will reduce your stress and make your recovery period easier. 

How Your Partner Can Support You

Before you go in for surgery, you should make a concrete plan for how your partner can support you during your recovery period. For example, you may want your partner to refrain from commenting on your breasts in the weeks following the procedure or you may want lots of compliments. Perhaps you need your partner to take over cooking, cleaning, childcare, or yard work while you heal. Let your partner know what you will need from them before you have the procedure so they will be prepared to help from the moment you return home.