Worried You May Get Cancer One Day? 2 Simple Lifestyle Changes Recently Proven To Prevent Cancer

by Brent Woods

If someone close to you developed cancer and it left you worried you may get it some day, or if cancer runs in your family, then you may wish you could do more to prevent it. After all, cancer can strike even the healthiest person practically out-of-the-blue, and medical researchers have been trying to find ways to prevent cancer for years but still haven't found a cancer prevention "silver bullet." However, they have found a lot of small ways people can help prevent certain types of cancer, such as drinking four cups of coffee each day to lower liver cancer risk. 

Recently, medical researchers have found two lifestyle changes that can help prevent all types of cancer. Read on to learn what they are and how they help fight cancer development. 

1. Regular Exercise Doesn't Just Prevent Heart Disease

Of course, your family doctor has likely told you to get regular exercise to keep your heart in good health and reap the rewards of its numerous other health benefits, but unless you visited them very recently, he or she may not have yet told you that exercise can also prevent cancer. That is because there is brand new research into how cancer develops that reveals a build-up of a natural chemical every body produces when it turns sugar into energy, called lactate, may play a big role in the development of cancer. 

When there is excess lactate in the human body, it creates an acidic environment that promotes the growth of cancer cells and encourages cancerous cells that are already present to spread. 

How can you prevent a build-up of lactate in your body? You must exercise on a regular basis. While quick bursts of intense exercise increase the amount of lactate in your body, when you exercise on a regular basis, your body becomes super-efficient at clearing lactate from your body. 

If you have any health conditions that keep you from being able to exercise on a regular basis, yet want to take advantage of its potential cancer-prevention benefits, then speak to your family doctor to see if there are any modified exercises you can perform on a regular basis to reap the many health rewards of it. 

2. Broccoli Fights Cancer Even More Than Ever Expected

One long-known way to help prevent cancer is to eat a diet filled with antioxidants that fight free radicals that damage healthy body cells, which can trigger cancer development. While broccoli is filled with powerful antioxidants, so you may eat it for cancer prevention anyway, researchers have recently discovered that broccoli is more of a cancer-fighting powerhouse than they ever even realized. 

Broccoli is one of the most abundant sources of a natural food compound called sulforaphane. This compound reduces that activity of a group of molecules everyone has in their bodies called lncRNAs. While researchers once did not know what lncRNAs actually did in the human body, they have since learned that these molecules can contribute to cancer development when they are "activated." 

Since broccoli prevents activation (or expression) of IncRNAs, that means that eating plenty of it can help you prevent many types of cancer. 

If you fear you may develop cancer one day, then the first step is visiting your family doctor on a regular basis; he or she can keep a close eye on your health by performing routine blood work and helping you find out if any symptoms you report may be the first signs of cancer. However, as your doctor has likely already told you, living a healthy lifestyle is also important for great health, so start exercising on a regular basis with your doctor's permission and eat plenty of broccoli to feel good that you are doing everything you can to prevent cancer development. To learn more, contact a clinic like Rural Health Services Consortium Inc.