Use These Points To Convince Your Boss To Organize Yoga Classes At Work

by Brent Woods

If you enjoy taking yoga classes during your spare time and you believe that this experience could benefit those with whom you work, it's worthwhile to talk to your boss about bringing in a yoga instructor to teach a class once per week or once every couple weeks. Many businesses are moving in this direction, offering wellness-related programs for the physical and emotional betterment of their employees, and talking to your boss can open the door to such a program at your work, too. When you share this idea, focus on these benefits to get your boss excited for the potential of having yoga at work.

Relief From Stress

One of the key advantages of doing yoga is that it can help you reduce stress. This is advantageous not only for the employees themselves, but also for the company's management. An overly stressed workforce can be costly to the company — if someone has to take sick leave due to stress, for example, the company will likely find itself continuing to pay the employee and having to hire a replacement. It will cost much less money, you can emphasize, to offer regular yoga classes at work to help everyone relax and find a healthy way to manage their stress.

Physical Wellness Improvement

Just as stress can cause employees to miss work, a long list of physical health issues can have the same effect. When yoga is offered in the workplace, it can help improve the overall health of the workforce and lessen the risk of physical health issues causing people to take time off. For example, if someone is overweight and never exercises, but chooses to give the yoga class a shot, he or she could really enjoy the practice and be inspired to get healthier. This, in turn, could dramatically reduce the risk of the person eventually taking time off work due to weight-related health issues, such as a heart attack.

A Chance For Bonding

Some offices have tight bonds between the employees, while others have rifts that can make the workday a challenge. If you feel that your workplace could benefit from some bonding time, yoga can be the answer. In addition to getting a chance to relax and do something fun together, yoga classes can also be designed to be cooperative, using poses that require people to work together. This can give people the chance to see each other in a different light, which can improve the overall office dynamic and ideally create a healthier working environment.

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