3 Tips to Slow Falling Arches

by Brent Woods

Pain, tension and/or pressure in the arches of your feet can be a sign that your arches are falling. Many cases of fallen arches are attributed to chronic, degenerative conditions, such rheumatoid arthritis, that affect the feet. There are steps you can take to help reduce the progression of falling arches.

Buy Shoes with Arch Support

Completely flat shoes are not ideal if you are having problems with your arches because they provide no support. The most supportive shoes are various types of athletic footwear. You will need to try on different brands and styles before you find ones that are adequate for your feet. Some shoes tend to have high arches, which can be uncomfortable and add too much pressure on your arches.

Before you commit to any shoes, try them on and walk around the store for a few minutes to determine if they support your arches rather than increase pressure on them. You should also consider finding supportive, lightweight shoes for use at home. Even when you are just lounging around the house, you should keep your arches supported whenever possible.

Consider Arch Inserts

You can use arch inserts in your favorite pair of shoes to add support. The type of arch support you choose will depend on the severity of your arch changes. You want to choose arch supports that cradle your arch without adding too much pressure or forcing your arches into an unnatural position. As your arches change, you should update the inserts you use so they remain comfortable. If you have purchased an expensive pair of shoes because they offer good support, changing the arch inserts is a good way to keep your investments longer and maintain their comfort.

Tackle Inflammation

As your feet change, you will likely experience problems with inflammation, either from an underlying condition or because simple activities may irritate your feet. Try to keep vigorous activities to a minimum to avoid accelerating foot damage and increasing pain. When you are resting your feet, keep them elevated to help reduce swelling. The occasional use of retail anti-inflammatory medications is fine, but if you are experiencing ongoing pain and inflammation, it is time to seek medical treatments.

Although surgery is the only option to possibly correct fallen arches, there are methods you can use to slow the progression and help reduce pain. Keeping your arches well supported and modifying your shoe habits are the easiest ways to make changes in your arches less impactful. For further information, contact a representative from an establishment like the Family Medical Clinic.