Control Your Hearing Aids With Your Smartphone

by Brent Woods

Making phone calls, accessing the internet and using various apps are among the top uses of smartphones, but this relatively new technology has also opened up many doors for people with certain disabilities. Certain apps can help turn your smartphone into a hearing device. If you wear hearing aids, your smartphone can help you manage your hearing devices so they work properly and help you hear at the volume and clarity that's most comfortable for you.

How the Apps Work

Certain apps allow users to access an app as a way to improve hearing without the use of hearing aids. Apps that work with hearing aids only work with hearing aids that have wireless technology. This technology is what allows the hearing aids to sync with the smartphone so you can manage your hearing device remotely and without having to take it off or out of your ears.

Apps to Turn the Phone Into a Hearing Aid

Some apps allow you to use your smartphone as a hearing aid. The apps work by allowing you to wear the ear buds, and then adjust the volume on the screen of the smartphone by opening and using the app. At the same time, these same apps allow you to adjust the settings to help tune out background noise so you can hear more clearly. Some of the apps also allow the user to adjust the frequency of sounds to make what you hear as comfortable and clear as possible.

Apps That Work With Hearing Aids

Apps that sync with your hearing aids allow you to do things such as adjust the volume and frequency of what you hear with your smartphone. This makes wearing the devices more convenient because you can change how and what you hear without having to take the hearing aids out of your ears. It also allows you to turn down the volume if sounds begin to get too loud. Many of the apps also allow you to adjust the hearing aids separately so you can change the settings of just the right or left hearing aid without having to adjust both sides.

Additional Features

Many apps allow you to save your various hearing aid settings. This is convenient because you can save your hearing aid settings for a restaurant while also saving a different set of settings for going to a movie theater. This allows you to access the settings in the future with just a few taps. Some apps allow you to record what you're hearing so you can listen to it again if you missed something.

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