3 Helpful Steps When Getting Prescription Glasses

by Brent Woods

If you are having trouble seeing, you may need prescription glasses. Buying a pair of these glasses doesn't have to be difficult thanks to these steps. They will make your life a whole lot easier.

Seek Help from an Optometrist

Before doing anything, you are going to need to know what type of prescription glasses are right for you. This is possible when you seek help from an optometrist. This eye professional will perform a test called refraction.

During this test, an instrument called a phoropter will go in front of your eyes. A series of lenses will then be displayed by the phoropter. Your optometrist will continue to fine tune the lenses until they can come up with the exact prescription for your glasses.

Get Your Frame Size Online

After getting your prescription, you will need to make sure the glasses fit. Otherwise, they may not feel comfortable, and every time you move, they may fall down to your nose. Instead of going to a store, you can actually get the right frame size by going online.

Hold a CD up to your chin, making sure it's even. Then, take a picture of your face with the CD below your chin. You can then email this picture to an online eyeglass company, where they will study the picture to come up with the right frame size. The frame size will be based upon the size of your bridge, eyes and temple.

Consider the Lens Material

Another important step to take is to consider what the lens is going to be made out of. There are three good options: plastic, high index and polycarbonate. If you are going to be active, whether it's with sports or working out, polycarbonate is preferred. This type of lens has high-impact resistance. So even if you drop your glasses, the lens will not be prone to shattering.

Plastic lenses are great if you are trying to save some money. They are not as durable as polycarbonate, but they still help you see clearly. For comfort, high index lenses are ideal because they are extremely lightweight. They will not weigh down your head, preventing your head movement from being hindered at all.

Experiencing vision problems may startle you at first, but it may just mean you need prescription glasses. When selecting these glasses for the first time, the steps above can be taken. They will help you select a pair of glasses that fit and help you see clearly. To learn more, contact a company like http://www.spectacleshoppe.biz/ with any questions or concerns you might have.