Onychomycosis Treatments: Natural Options

by Brent Woods

Being diagnosed with onychomycosis sounds a lot scarier than it is. The nail fungus that makes your toe- or fingernails thicken and turn an off-putting shade of yellow is not life-threatening. However, a fungal infection demands treatment whether it is life-threatening or not. Luckily, there are several natural options available for onychomycosis treatment and restore your nails to their normal, aesthetically-appealing state. All you need to do is learn these options and give these natural remedies a try:


Garlic is not only good for keeping vampires at bay, it can also cure nail fungus. Before you reach for that clove of garlic and start rubbing it on your toes, you should know that garlic oil is a far more effective method of administering this treatment.

All you need to do is combine equal parts garlic oil and white vinegar. Apply it to the affected nails and then cover your nails using a self-adherent wrap or elastic bandage and allow the mixture to soak into your nails. 

Garlic and white vinegar both have healing and anti-fungal properties that make this treatment highly effective. Additionally if you eat garlic on a daily basis this will help to prevent future onychomycosis flare-ups.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil smells far more pleasant than the combination of garlic and vinegar. It also has powerful antiseptic properties which makes it a useful weapon in your fight against nail fungus. 

Dab a small amount of lavender essential oil onto a cotton ball or cotton swab and rub on your affected nails. Also, try to get the oil underneath the nails suffering from the fungal infection to improve results. Cover the nails with an elastic bandage, or even gloves or socks to help the lavender oil to work its magic. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is readily available in health food stores nationwide. This particular essential oil is one of the most effective antiseptic natural treatments available. 

You only need a few drops to do the trick with tea tree oil. Just put those few drops onto a cotton ball and rub the infected nails thoroughly. You will need to do this twice a day for the best results.

Natural treatments are readily available to help you get rid of your onychomycosis. While this fungal infection is unsightly and frustrating, it can easily be eradicated with natural remedies using products you may already have around the house.