3 Signs That It Is Time To Start Calling Assisted Living Facilities

by Brent Woods

As your elderly loved ones start to age, you might find that they need a little more help than they have ever needed before. While that is not necessarily a sign that they need to be placed in an assisted living facility, there are some signs that do point to that. In order to help you understand when the time is right, you might want to look at the following three signs.

Lapse In Short Term Memory

If your elderly loved one is starting to have a problem with short-term memory, it is vital that you are keeping a close eye on him or her. Should this problem with short-term memory cause problems with taking medication, personal hygiene, or eating, you will need to find an intervention. An assisted living facility would have no problem helping to make sure that your loved one never misses another dose of medication or forgets to eat.

Too Many Trips And Falls

Whether your loved one lives in a one-story ranch home or a three-story farmhouse, there is also a cause for concern when things such as balance and depth perception become a problem. The moment you realize that your elderly loved one is having trouble keeping balance or has already had more than one accident, it might be time to seek out some help. Within the assisted living facility, your loved one will be surrounded by staff who will not only help to make sure such accidents do not happen, but will be there on hand should an accident still happen on the rare occasion.

Extreme Loneliness

Sometimes, the sheer fact that your elderly loved one is alone and feeling lonely is enough to seek out alternatives for his or her living situation. Within the assisted living facility, he or she will find many people to talk to. There will be other residents that might have similar interests, which means friendships may have the chance to build. Remember, the last thing you want is for your loved one to become so lonely and withdrawn that it starts to take a toll on his or her physical and mental well-being.

With these signs in mind, there should be no trouble in determining that something needs to be done. Whether you end up signing papers with an assisted living facility, such as Stuart Lodge Living, or you go another route, you will at least know that it is time to start looking into better options than the living arrangement that your loved one is in right now.